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Defend Your Rights Through Domestic Violence Situations

Hire a domestic violence attorney in Santa Ana, CA

Domestic violence is a major issue in our country. Many people suffer from abuse, and many others suffer from wrongful accusations. With the help of a domestic violence attorney, you can work toward the justice you deserve.

As a domestic violence victim attorney, the Law Offices Of John J. Brunelli can help protect you against the perpetrator and file a restraining order, if necessary. If you're facing accusations of violence, attorney Brunelli can defend your good name.

Don't settle for low-quality legal care when you can have a seasoned professional on your domestic abuse case. Contact attorney Brunelli now to schedule a consultation at his Santa Ana, CA office 7149531200 .

Why hire an experienced attorney

Not every domestic violence attorney has the same experience and passion for defending the rights of their clients. When you work with the Law Offices Of John J. Brunelli, you get:

  • Decades of courtroom experience on your side
  • Comprehensive defense against the other party
  • Guidance through the entire legal process

Whether you need a domestic violence victim attorney or help defending your reputation, go with an experienced professional. Reach out today to discuss your situation with attorney Brunelli.