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Maintain Custody of Your Child After a Divorce

Get support from a child custody lawyer in Santa Ana, CA

After a divorce or separation, you could end up at odds over child custody. In these situations, rely on a child custody lawyer to help. The Law Offices Of John J. Brunelli can work with you and your spouse to come to a reasonable agreement over custody. With the right representation, you could remain an active part of your child's life.

For everything from establishing custody to modifying previous agreements, choose attorney Brunelli as your child custody lawyer in Santa Ana, CA. Call 7149531200 to schedule a consultation.

Fight for your right to child support

When a couple ends their marriage, one parent typically gains custody of the child and receives child support payments from the other. These payments help cover the day-to-day living expenses for the child. If you're struggling to make ends meet or your former spouse is failing to make payments, reach out to a child support lawyer in Santa Ana, CA.

The Law Offices Of John J. Brunelli works hard to ensure you're getting the resources you need to take care of your child. We'll collaborate with you and your former spouse to reach a reasonable agreement during the divorce process. If they fail to make payments, we'll represent you in court.

Do what you can to ensure the best for your child. Connect with attorney Brunelli now over your need for a child support lawyer.